Vinylshuffle Audio Verité : Volume Two "Soul Storm"

Vinylshuffle Audio Verité : Volume Two “Soul Storm”

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September 16th, 2012

Robert (@wanted_records) and I (@tis1971) gathered again on Sunday to play records and view the latest footage on our “Southern California” film project.  Robert brought me a crate of LPs I had been wanting to find.  Here, we play a few of those (including the excellent 19:17 minute cut from Jim Hall’s “Concierto”) as well as Robert’s recent set of 45s that he played at Fais Do Do in Los Angeles, for the 6th anniversary of “Club Soul Side”.

The weather outside was uncommonly stormy; appropriate for the records Robert and I were about to throw down.

The first track is from a children’s record named “Pretend To Be” by Steve Wienecke.  Great for sampling.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Tracks are as follows:

  • Steve Wienecke, “Inch Worm” (Pretend to Be); Melody House Recordings, 1978
  • Roy Ayers Ubiquity, “Mystic Voyage” (Mystic Voyage); Polydor, 1975
  • Roy Ayers Ubiquity, “A Wee Bit” (Mystic Voyage); Polydor, 1975
  • Jim Hall, “Concierto De Aranjuez” (Concierto); CTI, 1975 – CTI 6060 S1
  • Flora Purim, “Angels” (Nothing Will Be As It Was… Tomorrow); Warner Bros. Records Inc., 1977 – BS 2985
  • ???
  • The Turnarounds & The Stingers, “Salt & Pepper” (45); Deville Records, 19??
  • ???, “She’s A Good Woman” (45);  ???, 19??
  • ???, “I’m A Good Woman” (45); ???, 19??
  • Eddie Wilson, “Shing-a-ling Stroll” (45); Backbeat Records, 19??
  • Betty Moorer, “Speed Up” (45); Wand Records, 19??
  • The Fascinations, “You Gonna Be Sorry” (45); ABC/Paramount, 19??
  • King Solomon, “Separation” (45); ???, 19??
  • ???, “Hand Clap Song”, (45); ???, 19??
  • Tawny Williams, “Pretty Little Words” (45); ???, 19??
  • The J’s with Jamie, “Yoshiko” (45); Columbia Records, 19??
  • B.B. Carter, “Cool It Baby” (45); ???, 19??
  • Bobby Bland, “Shoes” (45); ???, 19??
  • Flora Purim, “Butterfly Dreams” (Butterfly Dreams); Milestone, 1973 – M-9052
  • Flora Purim, Various Songs/Cuts (audio dialogue)
  • Flora Purim, “Angels” (Butterfly Dreams); Milestone, 1973 – M-9052
  • Phil Upchurch & Tennyson Stephens, “Tell Me Something Good” (???); Kudu, 1975 – KU-22 S1
  • (Dialogue w/ San Clemente Train in Background)
  • (Partial audio clip from “Swamp Fever” by John Cameron, as used in the adult film “Fantasy” [1979])

This audio track number is TIS-1971-AV-002
(The second in a series of Audio Verité recordings from the San Clemente studio)


Session Discovery Notes/Acknowledgements:

Doesn’t “Inch Worm” sound eerily like “Muskat Love” from Captain & Tennille? — Check out those keys and synths: - Mashup Time?

Jim Hall’s, “Concierto De Aranjuez” was later covered in 1979, as a more triumphant version, on “1980″ from Herb Alpert’s “Rise” LP – Check it out if you don’t agree:

The two Roy Ayers tracks remind me of going with Robert to a Roy Ayers + Pete Rock show at the Exchange in Downtown LA, Fall 2011.   Pete Rock didn’t make the show – He was at a funeral service for Heavy D.   Heavy D’s daughter goes to school with Robert’s son – Robert saw Heavy D a few times at school… Even went to a service at the school to honor Heavy D.  Always a nice guy.  We wondered if Pete Rock would show up when arrived at the Exchange and felt a more mellow vibe…  Still, it was a great show, and Roy Ayers played all the mellow classics with his background crew.  I ran into and hugged old friends that night… Nemencio (Reggae Pops) and DJ Seano (@djseano). Celebrating musical culture and togetherness in So Cal with Nemencio, and catching up with Seano, congratulating him on his KPFK show, and sharing memories of DJ Hideo (RIP)…  It was a great night. : Audio Verité : Volume One "For Michael" (TIS-1971-AV-001)

Vinylshuffle Audio Verité : Volume One “For Michael”

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DISCLAIMER/ABSTRACT: Unlike previous mixes, this contains a sort of Audio Verité recording of Robert and I in the studio on a Saturday evening/Sunday morning. You can hear us talk to each other as we normally do while throwing down record after record on the turntables. Then, you can hear us verbally “instagram-ing”, talking about Kim Fowley, playing more records, taking a long break with no music, and then listening to an audio file of Ginger Coyote and Lula Perla, thanks to Leslie Michel. Next, Alan Watts. Finishing with some infectious laughter from Robert and I while listening to Cannonball Adderly and Dennis Wilson, Robert pleads to go home… Some language may not be suitable for children. Robert uses curse words. All audio is the result of severe sleep deprivation and not really intended for public consumption at all.

June 8th, 2012

Robert (@wanted_records) and I (@tis1971) gathered one Saturday at the studio in San Clemente, as usual. We typically share records, reflect on projects, mess with audio gear, all in an attempt to track down missing connections in music history, all while searching through records and otherwise goofing off. We kept the microphones on during the final hours of what turned out to be a 14 hour day, and decided to piece it together as a “gift” for our friend, Mike Atallah (@at_michaels), who was not present that weekend.

Mike had graciously helped Robert and I film a variety of Southern California musicians from December 2011 to June 2012. Nearly six months of shooting, and we still had a few weeks to go (only an interview with LA producer Miles Grayson, a series-of-unfortunate-events at a P-Funk show in Temecula, and a meeting with musician Larry Samson remained on the schedule.)

We had driven from San Clemente to Carmel-by-the-Sea and back, in a search of California musicians and historians who would hopefully share their thoughts on what comprised (or still comprises) the sound of Southern California. An elusive question probably not meant to be answered literally… or at all — rather, really more of a reason to get the three of us out on the road, to make a project, and to hear some great music. We were awarded with some incredible experiences, conversations and ideas, new friendships and some beautiful photography and footage thanks to Mike.

We met with Ron Roman (Musician/Producer, who recorded his first single at the age of 15 with Frank Zappa); Will Glover of classic Long Beach surf band, “The Pyramids” whose record we randomly came across on Steve Prope’s Radio Show, and who we later met in person on a day he visited San Clemente; Gary Coleman, a percussionist with ‘The Wrecking Crew’ from 1960s Los Angeles, and father to Lisa Coleman, of Wendy & Lisa fame).

So, Mike… Thanks for such a rich 2012. Enjoy this audio-verite e-card of Robert and I doing our ‘research’ and coming across new musical names and places to connect together… Hope it conveys some of the fun the three of us had over the last several months of this project. It’s best listened to between the hours of 2am and 5am.

And thank you Leslie Michel (@torchstar) and Ginger Coyote (@gingercoyote) for adding a nice “Joe Frank” element to our recorded evening. And thank you Overton Loyd (@overtonloyd) for the phone-therapy you provided Robert and I over the last six months.

Tracks are as follows:

  • Kim Fowley, “The Top” (Sunset Boulevard); PVC Records, 1978 (PVC 7906)
  • Wilton Felder, “Let’s Dance Together” (We All Have A Star); ABC Records, 1978 (AA-1109)
  • Danny Davis, “Beauty and the Beast” (45); Liberty Records (F-55213)
  • Sea Level, “Shake a Leg” (Sea Level), Capricorn Records
  • Sea Level, “Grand Larceny” (LP) (various speeds played/replayed)
  • Sea Level, “Nothin Matters But the Fever”
  • Sea Level, “Scarborough Fair”
  • Bobbie Dee, “Harper Valley PTA” (45); Megatone #706
  • ??? (missing info on track)
  • The Candy Johnson Show, “Houndog” (45); Canjo Records, 1964 (C-102-A)
  • Big Jay McNeely, “The Squat” ft Leon Haywood. (45); Swingin’ (45-637)
  • Les Baxter’s Balladeers, “???” Link Records, dist by GNP Crescendo
  • Joe Lombardi, “Taboo” (45); Cotillion Records
  • Machito “Chug-a-lug Cha Cha Cha” (45); Tiko Records Tiko #382
  • Mike Ike and the Awesome Foursome “Funky Breakdown”, Partytime Records 1984, PT-07
  • Mike Ike and the Awesome Foursome “Bonus Breakdown”, Partytime Records 1984, PT-07
  • Jean Terrell, “Don’t Stop Reaching for the Top” (I Had To Fall In Love); A&M Records, 1978 SP-4676
  • (A long segment of a needle on the turntable – shortened from 45 minutes to 1 minute)
  • Boz Scaggs, “Harbor Lights” (Silk Degrees); Columbia, 1976
  • Gerry Rafferty, “Baker Street” (City To City); United Artists Records, 1978
  • Wilbert Longmire, “???” (Champagne); Tappan Zee Records,  1979 JC 35754
  • People Under The Stairs, “Ambien Hallway” (Highlighter); Piecelock 70, 2011 PL7002LP
  • Dennis Wilson, “Dreamer” (Pacific Ocean Blue); Caribou Records, 1977 PZ 34354
  • Dennis Wilson, “Thoughts of You” (Pacific Ocean Blue); Caribou Records, 1977 PZ 34354
  • Cannonball Adderly and Nat Adderly Sextet, “Capricorn”, “Introduction” and “Taurus” (Soul Zodiac); Capitol Records, 1972 SVBB-11025
  • Irv Teibel, “Night in the Country” (Environments; The Magic of Psychoacoustic Sound – Disc 10); Syntonic Research 1978 SD 66010
  • (Voicemail of Lula Perla and Ginger Coyote)
  • Alan Watts, (Dhyana, The Art of Meditation Volume 1 and 2); Ascension Records, 1972
  • Donald Fagen, “The Nightfly” (The Nightfly); Warner Bros. Records, 1982 BAN 923696
  • Joe Jackson, “Into the Night” (Night and Day);  A&M Records, 1982 SP-4906
  • (An improvisational MPC session live-sampling the “Bonus Breakdown” 45, and sped up to sync with a “Laughing Meditation” by Alan Watts)
  • (Partial audio clip from “Swamp Fever” by John Cameron, as used in the adult film “Fantasy” [1979])
  • (Audio:  Door/Windows shut)

This track number is TIS-1971-AV-001
(The first in a series of Audio Verité recordings from the San Clemente studio)

Session Discovery Notes/Acknowledgements:

I had forgotten how great Kim Fowley’s “The Top” was/is;  I want to meet Kim Fowley one day; The Wilton Felder and Sea Level songs are flagged for prime sampling (consider it your invitation); Robert and I had a great time breaking down the Sea Level album looking for sample-worthy sounds; Sea Level’s second album, “Cats On The Coast” was sampled, but not the first; “Cats On The Coast” was sampled by Guru and The Concept of Alps; The Dennis Wilson LP that Robert gave me was scratched; Robert makes me laugh; I discovered  @gingercoyote is on Twitter; Leslie Michel has been a great addition to the virtual “Vinyl Shuffle” family over the last several years, always contributing great links of art/music history;  Must get @torchstar down to SoCal, or visit NorCal; The Alan Watts album was produced by Gary Usher, a name that kept coming up while working on our film… interesting; Must invite more instagram friends, @bang2000xl @mayerinated @davehate, and old friends/mentors like @denkym and @djseano down to San Clemente for random sessions/recordings/digging; Mike still has another few months to help us with editing; and… I still don’t understand why @jackpendarvis does not like Steely Dan or Donald Fagen; at least he appreciates J Dilla - Forgotten Sound Tracks - Childhood Music from Film & Television

Forgotten Sound Tracks Volume 1: Childhood Music from Film & Television

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I am posting this mix in hopes of tracking down information on some of the music contained within.  Ideally, I would like to find them on vinyl in order to remix a few of them.  In an idea scenario, I would love to find the actual masters.

One weekend, while reminiscing over “Saturday Morning Cartoons” from the 70s, and various TV/Film music I had forgotten,  I looked through my vinyl collection to see if I had anything.  Nothing.  So, I started on Youtube, and put together a mix of the only audio I could find… Apologies for the extremely lo-fi recordings (The “Born To Win” section is especially poor, audibly.)

Here are the “tracks” in case you might come across the original recordings — if so, post here so we can continue the hunt.  Comments found via Sound Cloud also provide more information.

This :37 min mix starts with a monologue by George Segal in “Born to Win” (1971), talking about hustling and hair-dressing. It’s a  film about a heroin addict in New York, circa 1971.

They same I’m a charmer… that I charm the people I hustle. Well, that comes after dealing with women, after hairdressing. I love to dress hair! But being that I know what to do, being that I’m hip enough to know, I do it!
- George Segal, “Born to Win” (1971)

  • Although I didn’t watch this film until my teens, the soundtrack is amazing and completely sums up what I loved about soundtrack music in the 70s.  It was real, and every instrument or sound effect was played by a human.  Not to say it was better, but just something that fueled my imagination as a kid.   The music behind the monologue is “You Can’t Turn Me Away”, by Silvia Striplin (1980).  This track wasn’t part of the movie… just a loop I was monkeying with on the MPC while I began to watch “Born To Win” on Youtube.   I clipped the next three songs from the movie as examples of songs I’m trying to find.   What I’ve found so far is that the film was scored by William S. Fischer (also spelled William Fisher) and features Billy Cobham on drums.  Fischer released the LP “Circles” but none of the songs from “Born To Win” are featured on any of his solo albums, nor can I find proof that an OST was ever released for this film.  Surely, Mr. Fischer or someone at United Artists or Edward Spector Productions, Inc would know more?   As a funny aside, if you IMDB this film, you’ll see it features Robert De Niro on the cover (which was not the case, originally).  He played a young cop named “Danny” – a minor role in the film.  Although it appears one can find a VHS or DVD of this film, the sound quality of the overall movie is not great, so I’m hoping I can find the audio elsewhere.  But without the release of a specific OST for Born To Win, I am stumped…
  • The next clip is the theme song to Barney Miller, from the first episode.  I have several TV Soundtrack albums from the 70s, but none feature this original Barney Miller version, which I considered funkier than the later years.  The composition/performance varied from season to season.  It was written by Jack Elliott and Allyn Ferguson.
  • “I am in this barrel” — I have no idea where this came from, it just slipped into the recording…
  • Closing scene to “Slags”, an episode of the British Comedy Series “Comic Strip Presents” in the 1980s.  The voice is from Adrian Edmondson (who played Vyvyan Basterd in “The Young Ones”).   Adrian Edmondson is still doing well (on Twitter as @AdrianEdmondson), and in a band called “The Idiot Bastard Band” these days, touring the UK.   The original music for this episode was composed by Simon Brint (, who also worked with French & Saunders, and who sadly passed away in 2011.  I have no idea how to find the original music for this, other than the short segment heard in the background of this clip.
  • Mister Rogers closing the show, with announcer from PBS mentioning upcoming programming (and the PBS “sound logo”). Although I have several Mister Rogers LPs, none of them feature the music that seemed improvised from show to show, during the closing credits.
  • Intro music to Neil Simon’s “Seems Like Old Times” (with Chevy Chase, Goldie Hawn, and Charles Grodin).  The music is by Marvin Hamlisch ( who also sadly passed away last month, on August 6th, 2012.
  • Audio clip, and intro theme song to Episode 1, Series 1 of “Space 1999” with Martin Landau.  This was my favorite/funkiest version of the Space 1999 soundtrack.  The first series was composed by Barry Gray
  • Audio from a commercial for the Jackson 5 and Osmonds animated series.  I watched both as a kid.
  • “Get Carter” by Roy Budd.  This seems the easiest to find.  The OST is on vinyl I believe.  The band “Mono” sampled this on “Silicon” from their Formica Blues album.  Sample comparison:
  • Fat Albert Halloween Special:  The opening/credits track (sampled by MF Doom) and the scene where Mudfoot lectures the gang (which was sampled by Biz Markie on, obviously, “Mud Foot”)
  • The theme song to “Joy of Painting” w/ Bob Ross.  A show my brother and I always used to watch.  The track is by L. Owens and can probably still be heard on Minnesota Public Radio and The Weather Channel.  There is a gap of silence somewhere in the middle of the song – But this is the best version Youtube had.  The original song was sampled quite nicely in 2008 by “Lone” on the track “Phthalo Blue” ( although there latter part of the original is what I intend to sample (stay tuned for Volume II of this mix)
  • Intro (with dialogue from Christopher Makepeace and Ruth Gordon) for the 1980 film “My Bodyguard“, composed by Dave Grusin (   At 11, I remember watching this movie and fearing middle and high school.
  • Theme song to the TV show “Curiosity Shop.”  Funky!
  • 1971 ABC Promotional Campaign.  ”Come September, this is the place to be”.  I don’t know if it was intentional that the start of this song sounds like Harry Nilsson’s “Everybody’s Talkin’ At Me” (not featured on this mix) but it makes sense…  I doubt any originals exist for this commercial.
  • Clip from a Lawrence Welk episode (a huge part of my childhood)
That’s all I have for now.  If anyone has any information that would help me track down better recordings of the music contained here, I would appreciate your comments, tweets, etc.

Holiday Soul Volume 2 – (12/25/2011)

Another year, and another batch of rare holiday tunes and stories on 45s.  Hopefully you haven’t heard any of these.  Listen to it while you open presents from Santa in the morning.

This one starts with a vocal track off a custom 45 that was given out as Christmas presents by Jack Coyle Chevrolet in 1958.  Not only did they give out these records, but lucky customers were chosen to receive free gasoline!

From myself, and Robert Rodriguez of, Merry Christmas to all of our friends and listeners.

New Mix: Holiday Soul Volume 2 – (10/8/11) – A Christmas Mix of rare 45s by tis1971

  • Jack Coyle Chevrolet.  Turner 7-4221
  • Hank Crawford. “The Christmas Song” (45); Kudu Records #911, 1972
  • Creeper. “Santa Claus Wants Some Loving” (45); (H.B.S. Hot Buttered Soul) distributed by ABC Records #12147, 1975
  • Howard Morris. “Department Store Santa Claus (Before Xmas)” (45); Roulette Records #4309, 1958
  • Youngsters. “Christmas In Jail” (45); Empire Records #109, 1956
  • Pearl Bailey. “Five Pound Box Of Money” (45); Roulette Records #4206, 1958
  • Hollywood Bowl Symphonette. “First Noel, Jingle Bells” (45); (Made especially for Jack Coyle Chevrolet San Bernardino, California) Record-O-Ad Corp Records #1, 1958
  • Tiny Tim. “White Christmas” (45); Vic Tim Records #1001, 19??
  • The O’Jays. “Christmas Ain’t Christmas New Year’s Ain’t New Year’s Without The One You Love” (45); Neptune Records #20, 1973
  • Johnnie Lee Wills. “Silver Bells” (45); Flying Fish Records #4001, 1979
  • Kenny Burrell. “The Little Drummer Boy” (45); Cadet Records #5555, 1966
  • Van Trevor. “The Melting Snow” (45); Claridge Records #305, 1970
  • The Ray Conniff Singers. “Silver Bells” (45); Columbia Records #41484, 1960
  • Sentinals. “Christmas Eve” (45); Era Records #3097, 196?
  • Lennie LaCour. “Twinkle Toes (The Christmas Cha Cha)” (45); Lucky Four #1001, 19??
  • Lalo Guerrero. “Pancho Claus” (45); (Capital) Cap Latino Records #6887, 19??
  • Phroomf. “Phroomf” (45); Optimum Manufacturing Inc. No #, 1986..not sure
  • Emotions. “Black Christmas” (45); Volt Records #4053, 1970
  • Told by Marian Richman & Daws Butler. Music Composed, Arranged & Played by Bob Mitchell. Sound Effects: Ray Erlenborn. “Sleepy Santa” (45); Belda Records (Talking Komics) #107, 19??
  • Boudleaux Bryant And The Sparks. “Holiday March” (45); Hickory Rceords #1108, 1959
  • Ellen Marty. “Xmas Gift” (45); Marty Records #102, 19??
  • Winifred Atwell. “Snow Bells” (45); Columbia Records #43472, 1967
  • Wayne Champion. “It’s Xmas Time” (45); Invictus Records #7690, 19??
  • Jimmy Dean. “Yes, Patricia, There Is A Santa Claus” (45); Columbia Records #43457, 1970
  • Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell. “Jingle Bells Imitations” (45); Cameo Records #205, 1961
  • Hank Crawford. “Merry Christmas Baby” (45); Atlantic Records #5042, 1971
  • Lu Ann Simms. “I Just Can’t Wait ‘Til Christmas” (45); Columbia Records #40089, 1953
  • Miss L.L. and the Three Mice, Blimp, Whimp & Skimp. “No Chees (On The Xmas Tree)” (45); Skyway Records #138, 1964
  • Marv Meredith. “Salvation Rock” (45); Strand Records #25021, 1960
  • Bernie Knee, Music by Irving Fields Orchestra. “Take Off Those Whiskers Daddy” (45); Pat Records #106, 19??
  • Lucky Luck. “Kanaka Christmas” (45); Mahalo Records #1000, 1962
  • Jim Backus. “The Office Party” (45); Dico Records #101, 1959
  • Howard Morris. “Department Store Santa Claus (After Xmas)” (45); Roulette Records #4309, 1958



Halloween Soul Volume 2 – (10/8/11)

For the second year in a row, Robert Rodriguez from Wanted-Records came down to San Clemente to record a mix solely from his 45s (and a few of my LPs).

Highlights include me starting out the mix in reverse to Beni Mason’s “The Devil’s Disciple”, then, a short clip about drug use leading to maggot infestations, then Bob McFadden’s “The Mummy” (in which the mummy is unable to scare a Beatnik), and Donald Woods’ “Memories of an Angel”, which is an answer record to last year’s Volume 1 ending of “Death of an Angel”.  We couldn’t identify the year some of these 45s were published.  If you know, tell us.

New Mix: Halloween Soul Volume 2 – (10/8/11) by tis1971

Here’s the tracklist.

  • Beni Mason “The Devil’s Disciple” (45); P&L Records #007, 19??
  • “Kids speaking about the horrors of drugs” on an unidentified LP
  • Bob and Jerry “Ghost Satellite” (45); Rendezvous Records #100, 1958
  • The Jet Stream “Crazy Me” (45); Smash #2095, 1967
  • Bob McFadden & Dor “The Mummy” (45); Brunswick #55140, 1959
  • Dick Dixon and The Roomates “The Caterpillar Crawl” (45); Kapp Records #292, 1959
  • Art August & The Dorian-Aires “Nightmares” (45) Rama Records #105, 19??
  • Del Vikings “The Voodoo Man” (45); Mercury #71266, 1958
  • Eugene Church “I’m Your Taboo Man” (45); King #5610, 1962
  • John Zacherle “Gravy (With Some Cyanide)” (LP); Wyncote Records #9050, 1964
  • Cris Kevin “Haunted House” (45); Colt Records #103, 1959
  • The Holly Twins “Okeefenokee” (45) Rendezvous Records #180, 1962
  • The Lumberjack with The Northwood Singers “Hell Bound Train” (45); Coach Records #6557, 19??
  • Al Corsal music by Regal-Aires “Go Devil Go” (45); Star-X #511, 1958
  • Googie Rene “Big Foot” (45); Class Records #2079, 1958
  • The Fifth Estate “Ding, Dong! The Witch Is Dead” (45); Jubilee #5573, 1967
  • Oliver Nelson & His Orchestra “Skull Session” (45); Flying Dutchman #10330, 1975
  • The Turtles “Buzz Saw” (45); White Whale #292, 1968
  • Bob Seger System “Death Row” (45); Capitol Records #2143, 1968
  • Jaime Duque y Sus Latin Fury “Violencia” (45); Juventud #205, 19??
  • Dickie Goodman “Mystery” (45); Mark-X #8010, 1964
  • Johnny Brown and The Joy Boys “Suspense” (45); Duke Records #342, 1961
  • Linda Burnett “Rattle Bone Rock” (45); Bop-It Records #701, 19??
  • Jimmy Lunceford and His Orchestra “Hell’s Bells” (45) Decca Records #2071, 1937
  • Hot Blood “Soul Dracula” (45); Era Records #115, 1975
  • Hot Blood “Sans Dracula” (45); Era Records #115. 1975
  • The Resonics “Split Personality” (45) Unity Records #101, 1963
  • Donald Woods ” Memories Of An Angel” (45); Aladdin Records #3412, 1958

New Mix: Main Street People (7/17/2011)

For those who might be new to this blog, the mixes offered here are never planned.   Just me playing my records.  Every song is from an LP or 45 from my vinyl collection, and I choose each record randomly, mixing in one song from each album, without caring (which cuts down on the whole creative process like you wouldn’t believe!).  It started as a party game (more info on that here), to teach friends how to mix music with two turntables.  If a theme develops from the mix, it’s coincidental. – Main Street People 2011 7 17 by tis1971

The reason for this mix is that Joy Osmanski requested it.   Joy and I met on Main Street (the second song in this mix).  411 Main Street.  The old bank district, back when Dorian Dudley’s marketplace was still across from Ray’s.  I lived in a loft on the 4th floor, just above Lost Souls, where I would sometimes DJ  (when I wasn’t DJ’ing from my fire escape).  I kept in solitude with my records for the first year until I ran into Joy.  The first time was in the Laundry room on my floor.  I said probably two words to her.  Maybe, “Good Bye”.   When I returned, she was there again.  This time, folding my laundry!   We spoke for a while.  Turns out, she was an actress on some TV show I didn’t know.  I didn’t have a TV.  She didn’t seem to mind.  The next day, she made me oatmeal cookies!   I invited her over to listen to records, and we’ve been friends since.

In many ways, that was the start of Vinyl Shuffle.  I began going out more and opening up my loft to those I’d meet in the neighborhood.  Lots people who I became great friends with, all through inviting them over to listen to music.  At it’s height, 50 or so would gather on a weekend night, and strangers would enter through the fire escape.  On quitter nights, I’d listen to my Jazz LPs… And still someone would climb through the fire escape. After three years of opening my loft up for all those Vinyl Shuffle parties, and teaching others to DJ (thanks to friends like Hapa, Denkym, SeanO, Hideo (RIP), (((hearsee))) and random strangers who taught me) and bringing so many people together, I moved to San Clemente, and started blogging occasional mixes. So, I can still connect musically with all those friends from Main Street, and reach out to new friends I’ve met virtually through this website, my instagram, and @vinylshuffle on Twitter.

By the way, Joy….  Like I said in the first paragraph, I don’t plan on “Themes”.  The records are random.  But, how “random” IS it, that I chose the “Main Street People” LP from Four Tops.  And….. that the two Chicago songs “Once Upon a Time” and “Progress?” feature city noises, followed by a toilet bowl flush, which is followed by a sound effects record that featured waves on the B-Side.  How crazy is it that those three tracks symbolize (in a sonic fashion) the gentrification of Downtown LA after my move to San Clemente where I live only 100 feet from the shore?!?!)

Joy, this mix is dedicated to you.

  • Glasser. “Tremel” (Ring); True-025, 2010  (From Andrea’s personal collection)
  • Four Tops. “Intro” (Main Street People);  Dunhill / ABC, 1973
  • Chicago. “Once Upon a Time….” (Chicago III); Columbia Records, 1971
  • Chicago. “Progress?” (Chicago III); Columbia Records, 1971
  • Environments. “The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore” (Disc 1); Atlantic, 1970
  • Alan Watts. “The Beginning of the Ending of Thoughts” (Dhyana, The Art of Meditation Volume I); Ascension Records, 1977
  • The Chambers Brothers. “Time Has Come Today” (The Time Has Come); Columbia Records CL 2722, 1967
  • Alain Goraguer. “Maquillage De Tiwa” (Bande Sonore Originale Du Film La Planete Sauvage); Pathé Marconi EMI, 1973
  • Herbie Mann. “What’s Going On” (Push Push); Embryo, 1971
  • The Stylistics. “One Night Affair” (Love Spell); Phonogram / Polygram, 1979
  • Jimmy Smith. “Killing Me Softly With His Song” (Paid In Full); Mojo Records, 1974
  • Betty Everett & Jerry Butler. “Our Day Will Come” (Delicious Together); Vee-Jay Records, 1964
  • Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66. “The Look of Love” (Look Around); A&M, 1968
  • Marvin Gaye. “What’s Happening Brother” (What’s Going On); Tamla, 1971
  • Four Tops. “Intro” (Main Street People);  Dunhill / ABC, 1973
  • Freddie Hubbard. “To Her Ladyship” (Super Blue); Columbia, 1978

“The 45 Show”: A Vinylshuffle Interview

Check out the latest mix, an audio recording of a chat with Robert Rodriguez about his idea for “The 45 Show” Art Exhibition held on April 9th, 2011.

The full background on why we made this mix has been moved to a separate, dedicated webpage (as with other vinylshuffle art events).

You can read and listen to it here:




  • Damu the Fudgemunk. “New LP (EP Intro)” (How It Should Sound Promo EP); Redef Records
  • Damu the Fudgemunk. “Judgement Day” (partial)
  • Natural Four. “Can This Be Real” (45); Curtom Records #1990, 1973
  • Ronnie Laws. “Tidal Wave” (Pressure Sensitive); Blue Note BN-LA452-G, 1975 (Partial, at 45rpm)
  • The Ojays. “Give The People What They Want” (45); Philadelphia International Records (PIR) #3565, 1975
  • Dizzy Gillespie & Lalo Schifrin. “Unicorn” (45); Pablo Records #11003, 1977
  • Lionel Hampton & His Inner Circle of Jazz. “Greasy Greens” (45); Glad Hamp Records #2038, 1967
  • People Under the Stairs. “Down in LA (Instrumental)” (Beer EP); Om Records, 2010 Holiday Mix, December 2010

Holiday Soul Volume 1 – Recorded on 12/21/2010

To everyone who listened, sent emails/comments, followed us on Twitter, and spread the word for us in 2010… Here’s our gift to you:  A 2.5 hour mix of holiday music, recorded and mixed live, from 7″ and 12″ vinyl.

Thanks for a great year of listening to us play our records for you.  May you have as many laughs and as much fun listening to this mix as we had while recording it.

Happy Holidays!

Our Best,
Stephen Tisdale ( and Robert Rodriguez (

Listen/Stream right now:

Or download the MP3: Mix :: Holiday Soul : December, 2010


  • James Brown. “Let’s Make Christmas Mean Something This Year” (Soulful Christmas); King #1010, 1968
  • Bill Lamb. “Go To Sleep Little Lamb” (45); Warner Bros. Records #7154, 19??
  • Billy Barty. “The Clown In The Funny Nightgown” (45); Champ Records #712, 19??
  • Bob Swanson & Co. featuring Ginny Gibson. “The Ain’t-Not Tree” (45); RSP Records #114, 19??
  • Dinah Shore. “You Meet The Nicest People” (7″ 33rpm Chevrolet); Capitol Records  Inc. Custom Services Department #2886, 19??
  • Otis Redding. “Merry Christmas Baby” (Soulful Christmas various artists); Atco #SD 33-269, 1968
  • Charles Brown. “Merry Christmas Baby” (Soulful Christmas various artists); Holiday #1904, 19??
  • L. Presley Lewis with JImmie Widener and the Southwesterners. “Jimminy Christmas” (45); Southwest #402 , 19??
  • Rosemary Jun Mac Perrin & The Cricketones. “Mixie Pixie” (45); Cricket #zb-646, 19??
  • Jay Matty. “Merry Twist Mas” (45); Lute Records #6021, 19??
  • Ravers. “It’s Gonna Be A Punk Rock Christmas!” (45); Zombie #7683, 19??
  • Tiny Tim. “White Christmas” (45); Vic Tim Records #1001, 19??
  • Alfred Apaka. “Mele Kalikimaka – Jingle Bells” (45); Hawaiian Village Records #2, 19??
  • Chuck Berry. “Run Rudolph Run” (Rhythm & Blues Christmas. Various Artists); United Artists Records #654, 1958
  • Royal Guardsmen. “Snoopy’s Christmas” (45); Laurie Records #3416, 19??
  • Helen Perry. “Ding Dong Christmas” (45); Helen Perry Presents #1112, 19??
  • Society’s Children. “White Christmas” (45); Atco Records #6538, 19??
  • Lou Rawls. “Littl e Drummer Boy” (Merry Christmas Ho! Ho! Ho!); Capitol Records #2790, 19??
  • Temptations. “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer” (The Temptations Christmas Card); Motown #5251, 1970
  • Stevie Wonder. “What Christmas Means To Me” (Someday Christmas); Tamla #362, 1978
  • Nat King Cole. “The Christmas Song” (The Christmas Song); Capitol #1967,
  • Louis Armstrong. “The Night Before Christmas” (45); Continental #1001, 1971
  • Ramsey Lewis Trio. “Jingle Bells”  (45); Argo # , 19??
  • James Brown. “Santa Claus Go Straight To The Ghetto” (Christmas Classics Various Artists); Rhino #70192, 1968
  • Bobby Boris Pickett & The Crypt Kickers. “Monster’s Holiday” (45); Garpax #44171, 1973
  • Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass. “My Favorite Things” (Christmas Album); A&M Records #3113, 1968
  • Mrs. Santa Claus with Toy Band. “Mrs. Santa Claus” (45); Weber Records #170, 19??
  • Rochelle Battat. “Big Calhoun (The Christmas Seal)” (45); Obo Records #218, 19??
  • Drifters featuring Clyde McPhatter. “The Bells Of St. Mary’s” (45); Atlantic #1048, 19??
  • Mahalia Jackson. “Do You Hear What I Hear?” (Christmas With Mahalia); Columbia #9727, 19??
  • Billy Daniels. “Holidays” (45); World Wide Stars #121, 19??
  • Solomon Burke. “Presents For Christmas” (Soul Christmas Various Artists); Atco #33-269, 19??
  • Roy Orbison. “Pretty Paper” (Christmas Classics); Rhino #70192, 1963
  • Earl Grant. “Silver Bells” (45);  MCA #65023, 19??
  • Becky Lamb. “Little Becky’s Christmas Wish” (45); Warner Bros. Records #7154, 19??
  • Navidad En Andalucia. “Tocan Las Zambombas” (45); RCA #13.218, 19??
  • Guy Pastor. “Let’s All Send Love This Christmas” (45); Hiback #111, 19??
  • Vince Guaraldi Trio. “Christmas Time Is Here, instrumental” (A Charlie Brown Christmas); Fantasy #8431, 19??
  • Jimmy McCracklin. “Christmas Time pt.1″ (45); Art-Tone Records #826, 19??
  • Freddy King. “I Hear Jingle Bells” (45); Federal #12439, 19??
  • William Bell. “Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday” (Soul Christmas Various Artists); Atco #33-269, 19??
  • Charles Brown. “Wrap Yourself In A Christmas Package” (Charles Brown Sings Christmas Songs); King #775, 19??
  • Frank Sinatra. “The Christmas Waltz” (A Jolly Christmas From Frank Sinatra); Capitol Records #9240, 19??
  • Run-Dmc. “Christmas In Hollis” (A Very Spe  cial Christmas); A&M #3911, 19??
  • Mabel Scott. “Boogie Woogie Santa Claus” (Merry Christmas Baby Various Artists); King #5018, 19??
  • Bobby Powell. “Bing Bong” (Merry Christmas Baby Various Artists); Jewel #5014, 1974
  • Jackson Trio. “Jingle Bell Hop” (Merry Christmas Baby Various Artists); King #5018, 19??
  • B.B. King. “Christmas Celebration” (45); Kent #412, 19??
  • Johnny Carroll. “Happy Holiday” (45); Bell #1098 , 19??
  • Whispers. “This Christmas” (Happy Holidays To You); Solar #60451, 1985
  • Alan Watts. “Why Not Now” [laughing meditation segment] (Dhyana, The Art Of Meditation); Ascension #2001, 1977
  • St. Nick. “Jingle Bells” (45); WB Records #49877, 1981
  • Alan Watts. “Why Not Now” [laughing meditation segment] (Dhyana, The Art Of Meditation); Ascension #2001, 1977
  • Phil Spector. “Silent Night” (Phil Spector’s Christmas Album); Warner Bros – Spector SP #9103, 1963



New Mix: Halloween Soul (10/29/2010)

Robert from has been posting various Halloween-themed Daily Discoveries this month, such as the great Frankenstein Stomp a novelty Halloween 45.  These daily discoveries inspired me to make a Halloween mix, so I invited him over last weekend to mix in some “creepy”-themed 45s with some LPs from my own vinyl collection (mostly children’s records, SFX and spoken-word LPs… Even a Nancy Reagan Reggae Re-Election single).

This is the spooky result. Enjoy it at parties.

Halloween Mix: 10/29/2010 by tis1971

  • Mister Rogers. “Troll Talk” (Mister Rogers Knows That You Are Special); Small World Records, 1970  87054
  • The Emperor. “I’m Normal” (45); Current Records, 1966   C111
  • Jennell Hawkins. “Disgusted” (45); Dynamic Records, 196?  DY-1004
  • Dina Washington. “My Man’s An Undertaker” (Late Late Show); Wing Records, 1953  MGW-12140
  • Environments. “Ultimate Thunderstorm” (Totally New Concepts in Sound – disc 4); Syntonic Research, 1974 SD66004
  • Various. “The Haunted House” (Chilling, Thrilling, Sounds of the Haunted House); Disneyland Records, 1964   DQ1257
  • Various. “The Poison Death” (The Shadow; Original Radio Broadcasts Vol 3); Mark 56 Records, 1974   657
  • Will Powers. “Adventures in Success” (Dancing for Mental Health); Island Records, 1983  90102
  • Jud Conlon Singers . “The Scene of the Crime” (45); Zephyr, 19??   ZA70-015
  • Bunker Hill. “Hide and Go Seek Part 1″ (45); Mala Records, 196?  451
  • Sesame Street. “Games Monsters Play” (Monsters!); CTW, 1975   CTW22071
  • Danny Hutton. “Monster Shindig”  (45); Hannah Barbara Records, 196?  HBR447
  • Various.  “Time Warp” (The Rocky Horror Picture Show); Ode Records, 1975  SP77031
  • Various. “Blast Off” (Adventures in Sound and Space); RCA Victor, 195?   LBY1013
  • Esquivel and his Orchestra. “That Old Black Magic” (Other Worlds Other Sounds); RCA Victor, 19?? LSP1753
  • The McQuire Sisters. “Will There Be Space in a Space Ship” (45); Coral, 195?  62276
  • Various. “The Martian Monsters ” (Chilling, Thrilling, Sounds of the Haunted House); Disneyland Records, 1964 DQ1257
  • Sue Allen. “Coffee Break” (45); Key Records, 195?  504
  • Estus W. Pirkle. “Wintertime” (If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?); Moffitt Records, 19?? MPLP 2368
  • Davey Jones and the Dolphins. “Hell Cats” (45); Tower, 196? PRO4527
  • Peter Roberts / Orchestra Beat UP. “The Ho-Ho Rock and Roll” (45); Thunderbird Records, 19?? 1956
  • Papa Kojie and Blue Riddim. “Nancy Reagan Re-Election Remix [short]” (Special 18 Million Dollar Inaugural Edition / Reggae Revolution Review); Ora International, 1985
  • Alfred Hitchcock. “The Haunted and the Haunters” (Alfred Hitchcock presents Ghost Stories for Young People); Golden Records, 19?? LP89
  • Cliff Gleaves. “The Day the Town Cried” (45); Park Ave Records, 19??  PA103
  • Jack Marshall’s Music. “The Ghoul” (45); Capitol Records, 19??  5288
  • Various. “A Penguin Caper” (Batman 45); Batman Records, 19?? 99
  • Joe Houston. “Curfew” (45); Combo Records, 19??  155
  • Roy Clark. “Spooky Movies” (45); Capitol Records, 19?? 4956
  • Electric Ladies. “King Kong” (45); Mainstream Records, 19??  MRL5556
  • Blue Magic. “Born on Halloween” (Thirteen Blue Magic Lane); Atco, 19??  SD36-120
  • Nina Simone. “Monster” (45); Philips Records, 196? 40232
  • Johnny Fuller. “Haunted House” (45); Specialty 19?? 655
  • Gene Evans vocal background by The Beavers. “Tonight At Twelve (Race Of The Ghost Cars)” (45); Trend ’61 19?? 103
  • Lil Greenwood. “My Last  Hour” (45); Federal Records 19?? 12082
  • Donald Woods & The Vel-aires. “Death Of An Angel” (45) Flip Records 1955 100
Vinylshuffle Mix: 2010-8-15

New Mix: Cold Summer (8/14/2010)

It’s been a cold summer in San Clemente this year, and we haven’t had any music parties as we’d hoped.  Yesterday was the first time we had a guest stay for the day:  Joe Caro from the band SubCollec.  Joe came down to spend the weekend.  We kicked it off on Friday night by hanging with our pal Lonnie Marshall (@meganut) from “Weapon of Choice” and “‘Lil BIG UPs“.  Lonnie played with his other band “XEROXy Moronic Carbon Copycat Burglers” at Mozabmbique (@mozambiqueOC).  XEROXy is a great Funk band that you must hear.  The guitarist for the band is the legendary DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight (PFunk Guitarist who also played with Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, etc).  XEROXy played covers that night ranging from PFunk classics, to Charles Wright, to Duran Duran’s RIO while the 40+ Female Laguna Beach set danced the night away!   It was amazing to hear Blackbyrd improvise to Duran Duran. One lady even fell on the dancefloor.  That’s how good XEROXy is!

The next day, Joe and I messed around on the MPC 2K Classic, and his new toy (the MPK 49), and an hour before the sun went down, we recorded this mix.  This time, I let Joe pick all the records, randomly.  This is how it turned out.


Listen/Stream right now:

Or download the MP3: Mix: Cold Summer : August 14th, 2010

  • Grant Green. “We’ve Only Just Begun” (Visions); Blue Note, 1971
    I played this album on my last 7/4 mix.  Lot’s of artists have covered this Carpenters song, but this is the best one.
  • Stevie Wonder. “Overjoyed [instrumental]” (45 – B-Side); Tamla/Motown 1832TF, 1985
    Instrumental version of Overjoyed, available on the b-side of the “Overjoyed” 45.  I remember when this song came out on the radio.  I was 14.  It reminds me of waking up at 4:30 in the morning and driving for an hour in my dad’s broken pick-up truck, to go fishing with him in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
  • The Persuaders. “Thin Line Between Love & Hate” (45); Atco 45-6822, 1971
    Original version of the song later covered by The Pretenders.  I notice that 1971 pops up a lot in my mixes.  It was a good year for everything, including me :)
  • William DeVaughn. “Be Thankful for What You Got, Part 2″ (45 – B-Side); Roxbury Records BRB0-0236-B, 1974
    Another instrumental version, available on the b-side of a 45.  This is one of my favorite songs ever.  Wish more people took the message to heed… No need for greed.
  • Jerry Butler. “Just Because I Really Love You” (45); Mercury Records 72898, 1969
    Sampled by Dilla on Donuts.
  • Gil Scott-Heron. “Me and the Devil” (I’m New Here); XL Recordings, 2010
    2010 marked the first year I went to Coachella — I keep away from large crowds.  Unfortunately, the 6 hour traffic jam caused me to miss GSH on the first night (The sole reason I even went to Coachella this year!)  The highlight was standing front and center while John Lydon and PiL played.  The lowlight was getting food poisoning the next day and missing Sly Stone and De La Soul.  That Sunday was “Record Store Day” and they had a small record booth at the festival so Andrea (@frenelda) picked up the new GSH album for me.  I hadn’t listened to it until just today, when I made the mix.
  • Ratatat. “Grape Juice City” (LP,4); XL Recordings, 2010
    Another score from the Record Store Day booth at Coachella.  Andrea turned me on to this band.  She describes me as “grumpy” when it comes to “new music”, but I like this one.   Interestingly enough, it’s from the same record label as the new Gil Scott-Heron album above.
  • La Roux. “Fascination” (La Roux); Polydor Ltd (UK) / Interscope (USA) B0013389-01, 2009
    I was surprised to hear La Roux on KISS FM recently (the “Bulletproof” track).  Even more surprising is that I was actually listened to KISS FM the other day.   I like the video for Bulletproof — I saw it on Logo TV and they play it at “Bang” in Hollywood a lot.  Reminds me of Tron.  Bulletproof is not my favorite song on the album.  Probably my least favorite (which is why I guess KISS FM is playing it).
  • New Birth. “Forever” (Blind Baby); Buddha Records BDS 5636, 1975
    The thing I like about my vinylshuffle format is that it reminds me of how eclectic my musical tastes have been over the course of 40 years (and that I actually own all these albums on vinyl!)  I’m pretty sure I’m the first person in the world to record a mix with La Roux, followed by New Birth.
  • Jefferson Starship. “Runaway” (Earth); Grunt Records / RCA BXL1-2515, 1978
    Another song that reminds me of driving around in the car with my dad.  This song makes me remember how varied song selections were on FM Radio in the 70s.
  • The Art of Noise. “Moments In Love” ([Who's Afraid of…] The Art of Noise?); Island Records / Atco 90179-1, 1985
    The full, long, 10-minute version they don’t play on the radio.
  • The Smiths. “Half A Person” (Louder Than Bombs); Rough Trade / Sire 25569-1, 1987
    The reason why I was so depressed during the 80s!  And my first attempt at DJing (I’d turn the Smiths up full blast on my Toyota Celica in the High School parking lot in rural Alabama, roll the windows down, hoping some girl would come over and say, “I Like the Smiths TOO!  You are amazing!”  That never happened.  It would be nearly 15 years later until I attempted to DJ again.
  • Common. “Resurrection” (Resurrection); Relativity 88561-1208-1, 1994
    As chance would have it, this is the kind of music I DJ nowadays when I play to the public (Hip Hop, along with Funk, Soul and 70s Jazz), thanks to some mentoring by DJ Denkym, DJ Hapa, and DJ Hideo (RIP), and the realization that ladies would rather hear songs they can dance to — as opposed to shoegazing to the sad crooning of Morrissey.  But, you’ll hear none of that here: mixes are meant for listening and educating, not dancing.
  • The Brand New Heavies. “Stay This Way” (The Brand New Heavies); Delicious Vinyl DV14202-1, 1991
    Although I grew up listening to Soul/RnB (thanks to my dad), by the late 80s I was listening to Brit-Pop exclusively.  That started to change around 1991.  A guy whose name I can’t remember, came into the coffee shop I was working at in College.  He was a DJ at a San Fransisco radio station and had moved back to Mobile to live with his parents for a while, and began DJ’ing at a local Jazz radio station.  Although I was in college by the time, I still hadn’t met many people outside of Alabama at that point (except for a Kurdish couple that fled the Middle East during the Bush’s first Gulf War; They would trade me homemade baklava for free coffee).  Like the Kurdish couple, this guy also received free coffee… In exchange for music knowledge.  And he turned me on to lots of new (old) music.  This guy was one cool cat.  And he would use words like “cool cat” and “jive” and “far out” and “out of sight!”.  He gave me a copy of this BNH album on cassette, and was so into the new Brand New Heavies album, that we wanted everyone to know about them.  We would walk into all the local record stores and pool halls together and he would hit on all the girls by giving them copies of the cassette.  Sometimes it worked!  Now, when I play this album live during my DJ sets I smile and think of him.
  • Earth, Wind & Fire. “Bad Tune” (Another Time); Warner Bros Records Inc 2WS 2798, 1974
    A double album from Warner Bros.  Previously released as two separate albums (Earth Wind and Fire (WS 1905) and The Need of Love (WS1958)
  • David Axelrod. “Urizen” (Song of Innocence); Capitol Records ST 2982, 1968
    David Axelrod is so important that Wax Poetics dedicated two back-to-back issues to Axelrod.  If you haven’t seen this Live DVD recording of his performance at The Royal Albert Hall, check out the trailer (w/ Noel Gallagher from Oasis).
  • Cannonball Adderley. “Bohemia After Dark” (Spontaneous Combuston The Savoy Sessions), Savoy Records SJL-2206, 1976
    Another double LP, previously released as Savoy 12017 and 12018.   “Bohemia After Dark” I thought was an appropriate end to this mix, as the sun had set a few songs earlier.  By the time this song was over, it was pitch black in the vinylshuffle lab, and we turned on the lights.