Vinylshuffle Mix: 2010-8-15

New Mix: Cold Summer (8/14/2010)

It’s been a cold summer in San Clemente this year, and we haven’t had any music parties as we’d hoped.  Yesterday was the first time we had a guest stay for the day:  Joe Caro from the band SubCollec.  Joe came down to spend the weekend.  We kicked it off on Friday night by hanging with our pal Lonnie Marshall (@meganut) from “Weapon of Choice” and “‘Lil BIG UPs“.  Lonnie played with his other band “XEROXy Moronic Carbon Copycat Burglers” at Mozabmbique (@mozambiqueOC).  XEROXy is a great Funk band that you must hear.  The guitarist for the band is the legendary DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight (PFunk Guitarist who also played with Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, etc).  XEROXy played covers that night ranging from PFunk classics, to Charles Wright, to Duran Duran’s RIO while the 40+ Female Laguna Beach set danced the night away!   It was amazing to hear Blackbyrd improvise to Duran Duran. One lady even fell on the dancefloor.  That’s how good XEROXy is!

The next day, Joe and I messed around on the MPC 2K Classic, and his new toy (the MPK 49), and an hour before the sun went down, we recorded this mix.  This time, I let Joe pick all the records, randomly.  This is how it turned out.


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Or download the MP3: Mix: Cold Summer : August 14th, 2010

  • Grant Green. “We’ve Only Just Begun” (Visions); Blue Note, 1971
    I played this album on my last 7/4 mix.  Lot’s of artists have covered this Carpenters song, but this is the best one.
  • Stevie Wonder. “Overjoyed [instrumental]” (45 – B-Side); Tamla/Motown 1832TF, 1985
    Instrumental version of Overjoyed, available on the b-side of the “Overjoyed” 45.  I remember when this song came out on the radio.  I was 14.  It reminds me of waking up at 4:30 in the morning and driving for an hour in my dad’s broken pick-up truck, to go fishing with him in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
  • The Persuaders. “Thin Line Between Love & Hate” (45); Atco 45-6822, 1971
    Original version of the song later covered by The Pretenders.  I notice that 1971 pops up a lot in my mixes.  It was a good year for everything, including me :)
  • William DeVaughn. “Be Thankful for What You Got, Part 2″ (45 – B-Side); Roxbury Records BRB0-0236-B, 1974
    Another instrumental version, available on the b-side of a 45.  This is one of my favorite songs ever.  Wish more people took the message to heed… No need for greed.
  • Jerry Butler. “Just Because I Really Love You” (45); Mercury Records 72898, 1969
    Sampled by Dilla on Donuts.
  • Gil Scott-Heron. “Me and the Devil” (I’m New Here); XL Recordings, 2010
    2010 marked the first year I went to Coachella — I keep away from large crowds.  Unfortunately, the 6 hour traffic jam caused me to miss GSH on the first night (The sole reason I even went to Coachella this year!)  The highlight was standing front and center while John Lydon and PiL played.  The lowlight was getting food poisoning the next day and missing Sly Stone and De La Soul.  That Sunday was “Record Store Day” and they had a small record booth at the festival so Andrea (@frenelda) picked up the new GSH album for me.  I hadn’t listened to it until just today, when I made the mix.
  • Ratatat. “Grape Juice City” (LP,4); XL Recordings, 2010
    Another score from the Record Store Day booth at Coachella.  Andrea turned me on to this band.  She describes me as “grumpy” when it comes to “new music”, but I like this one.   Interestingly enough, it’s from the same record label as the new Gil Scott-Heron album above.
  • La Roux. “Fascination” (La Roux); Polydor Ltd (UK) / Interscope (USA) B0013389-01, 2009
    I was surprised to hear La Roux on KISS FM recently (the “Bulletproof” track).  Even more surprising is that I was actually listened to KISS FM the other day.   I like the video for Bulletproof — I saw it on Logo TV and they play it at “Bang” in Hollywood a lot.  Reminds me of Tron.  Bulletproof is not my favorite song on the album.  Probably my least favorite (which is why I guess KISS FM is playing it).
  • New Birth. “Forever” (Blind Baby); Buddha Records BDS 5636, 1975
    The thing I like about my vinylshuffle format is that it reminds me of how eclectic my musical tastes have been over the course of 40 years (and that I actually own all these albums on vinyl!)  I’m pretty sure I’m the first person in the world to record a mix with La Roux, followed by New Birth.
  • Jefferson Starship. “Runaway” (Earth); Grunt Records / RCA BXL1-2515, 1978
    Another song that reminds me of driving around in the car with my dad.  This song makes me remember how varied song selections were on FM Radio in the 70s.
  • The Art of Noise. “Moments In Love” ([Who's Afraid of…] The Art of Noise?); Island Records / Atco 90179-1, 1985
    The full, long, 10-minute version they don’t play on the radio.
  • The Smiths. “Half A Person” (Louder Than Bombs); Rough Trade / Sire 25569-1, 1987
    The reason why I was so depressed during the 80s!  And my first attempt at DJing (I’d turn the Smiths up full blast on my Toyota Celica in the High School parking lot in rural Alabama, roll the windows down, hoping some girl would come over and say, “I Like the Smiths TOO!  You are amazing!”  That never happened.  It would be nearly 15 years later until I attempted to DJ again.
  • Common. “Resurrection” (Resurrection); Relativity 88561-1208-1, 1994
    As chance would have it, this is the kind of music I DJ nowadays when I play to the public (Hip Hop, along with Funk, Soul and 70s Jazz), thanks to some mentoring by DJ Denkym, DJ Hapa, and DJ Hideo (RIP), and the realization that ladies would rather hear songs they can dance to — as opposed to shoegazing to the sad crooning of Morrissey.  But, you’ll hear none of that here: mixes are meant for listening and educating, not dancing.
  • The Brand New Heavies. “Stay This Way” (The Brand New Heavies); Delicious Vinyl DV14202-1, 1991
    Although I grew up listening to Soul/RnB (thanks to my dad), by the late 80s I was listening to Brit-Pop exclusively.  That started to change around 1991.  A guy whose name I can’t remember, came into the coffee shop I was working at in College.  He was a DJ at a San Fransisco radio station and had moved back to Mobile to live with his parents for a while, and began DJ’ing at a local Jazz radio station.  Although I was in college by the time, I still hadn’t met many people outside of Alabama at that point (except for a Kurdish couple that fled the Middle East during the Bush’s first Gulf War; They would trade me homemade baklava for free coffee).  Like the Kurdish couple, this guy also received free coffee… In exchange for music knowledge.  And he turned me on to lots of new (old) music.  This guy was one cool cat.  And he would use words like “cool cat” and “jive” and “far out” and “out of sight!”.  He gave me a copy of this BNH album on cassette, and was so into the new Brand New Heavies album, that we wanted everyone to know about them.  We would walk into all the local record stores and pool halls together and he would hit on all the girls by giving them copies of the cassette.  Sometimes it worked!  Now, when I play this album live during my DJ sets I smile and think of him.
  • Earth, Wind & Fire. “Bad Tune” (Another Time); Warner Bros Records Inc 2WS 2798, 1974
    A double album from Warner Bros.  Previously released as two separate albums (Earth Wind and Fire (WS 1905) and The Need of Love (WS1958)
  • David Axelrod. “Urizen” (Song of Innocence); Capitol Records ST 2982, 1968
    David Axelrod is so important that Wax Poetics dedicated two back-to-back issues to Axelrod.  If you haven’t seen this Live DVD recording of his performance at The Royal Albert Hall, check out the trailer (w/ Noel Gallagher from Oasis).
  • Cannonball Adderley. “Bohemia After Dark” (Spontaneous Combuston The Savoy Sessions), Savoy Records SJL-2206, 1976
    Another double LP, previously released as Savoy 12017 and 12018.   “Bohemia After Dark” I thought was an appropriate end to this mix, as the sun had set a few songs earlier.  By the time this song was over, it was pitch black in the vinylshuffle lab, and we turned on the lights.

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