New Mix: Main Street People (7/17/2011)

For those who might be new to this blog, the mixes offered here are never planned.   Just me playing my records.  Every song is from an LP or 45 from my vinyl collection, and I choose each record randomly, mixing in one song from each album, without caring (which cuts down on the whole creative process like you wouldn’t believe!).  It started as a party game (more info on that here), to teach friends how to mix music with two turntables.  If a theme develops from the mix, it’s coincidental. – Main Street People 2011 7 17 by tis1971

The reason for this mix is that Joy Osmanski requested it.   Joy and I met on Main Street (the second song in this mix).  411 Main Street.  The old bank district, back when Dorian Dudley’s marketplace was still across from Ray’s.  I lived in a loft on the 4th floor, just above Lost Souls, where I would sometimes DJ  (when I wasn’t DJ’ing from my fire escape).  I kept in solitude with my records for the first year until I ran into Joy.  The first time was in the Laundry room on my floor.  I said probably two words to her.  Maybe, “Good Bye”.   When I returned, she was there again.  This time, folding my laundry!   We spoke for a while.  Turns out, she was an actress on some TV show I didn’t know.  I didn’t have a TV.  She didn’t seem to mind.  The next day, she made me oatmeal cookies!   I invited her over to listen to records, and we’ve been friends since.

In many ways, that was the start of Vinyl Shuffle.  I began going out more and opening up my loft to those I’d meet in the neighborhood.  Lots people who I became great friends with, all through inviting them over to listen to music.  At it’s height, 50 or so would gather on a weekend night, and strangers would enter through the fire escape.  On quitter nights, I’d listen to my Jazz LPs… And still someone would climb through the fire escape. After three years of opening my loft up for all those Vinyl Shuffle parties, and teaching others to DJ (thanks to friends like Hapa, Denkym, SeanO, Hideo (RIP), (((hearsee))) and random strangers who taught me) and bringing so many people together, I moved to San Clemente, and started blogging occasional mixes. So, I can still connect musically with all those friends from Main Street, and reach out to new friends I’ve met virtually through this website, my instagram, and @vinylshuffle on Twitter.

By the way, Joy….  Like I said in the first paragraph, I don’t plan on “Themes”.  The records are random.  But, how “random” IS it, that I chose the “Main Street People” LP from Four Tops.  And….. that the two Chicago songs “Once Upon a Time” and “Progress?” feature city noises, followed by a toilet bowl flush, which is followed by a sound effects record that featured waves on the B-Side.  How crazy is it that those three tracks symbolize (in a sonic fashion) the gentrification of Downtown LA after my move to San Clemente where I live only 100 feet from the shore?!?!)

Joy, this mix is dedicated to you.

  • Glasser. “Tremel” (Ring); True-025, 2010  (From Andrea’s personal collection)
  • Four Tops. “Intro” (Main Street People);  Dunhill / ABC, 1973
  • Chicago. “Once Upon a Time….” (Chicago III); Columbia Records, 1971
  • Chicago. “Progress?” (Chicago III); Columbia Records, 1971
  • Environments. “The Psychologically Ultimate Seashore” (Disc 1); Atlantic, 1970
  • Alan Watts. “The Beginning of the Ending of Thoughts” (Dhyana, The Art of Meditation Volume I); Ascension Records, 1977
  • The Chambers Brothers. “Time Has Come Today” (The Time Has Come); Columbia Records CL 2722, 1967
  • Alain Goraguer. “Maquillage De Tiwa” (Bande Sonore Originale Du Film La Planete Sauvage); Pathé Marconi EMI, 1973
  • Herbie Mann. “What’s Going On” (Push Push); Embryo, 1971
  • The Stylistics. “One Night Affair” (Love Spell); Phonogram / Polygram, 1979
  • Jimmy Smith. “Killing Me Softly With His Song” (Paid In Full); Mojo Records, 1974
  • Betty Everett & Jerry Butler. “Our Day Will Come” (Delicious Together); Vee-Jay Records, 1964
  • Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66. “The Look of Love” (Look Around); A&M, 1968
  • Marvin Gaye. “What’s Happening Brother” (What’s Going On); Tamla, 1971
  • Four Tops. “Intro” (Main Street People);  Dunhill / ABC, 1973
  • Freddie Hubbard. “To Her Ladyship” (Super Blue); Columbia, 1978

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