: Audio Verité : Volume One "For Michael" (TIS-1971-AV-001)

Vinylshuffle Audio Verité : Volume One “For Michael”

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DISCLAIMER/ABSTRACT: Unlike previous mixes, this contains a sort of Audio Verité recording of Robert and I in the studio on a Saturday evening/Sunday morning. You can hear us talk to each other as we normally do while throwing down record after record on the turntables. Then, you can hear us verbally “instagram-ing”, talking about Kim Fowley, playing more records, taking a long break with no music, and then listening to an audio file of Ginger Coyote and Lula Perla, thanks to Leslie Michel. Next, Alan Watts. Finishing with some infectious laughter from Robert and I while listening to Cannonball Adderly and Dennis Wilson, Robert pleads to go home… Some language may not be suitable for children. Robert uses curse words. All audio is the result of severe sleep deprivation and not really intended for public consumption at all.

June 8th, 2012

Robert (@wanted_records) and I (@tis1971) gathered one Saturday at the studio in San Clemente, as usual. We typically share records, reflect on projects, mess with audio gear, all in an attempt to track down missing connections in music history, all while searching through records and otherwise goofing off. We kept the microphones on during the final hours of what turned out to be a 14 hour day, and decided to piece it together as a “gift” for our friend, Mike Atallah (@at_michaels), who was not present that weekend.

Mike had graciously helped Robert and I film a variety of Southern California musicians from December 2011 to June 2012. Nearly six months of shooting, and we still had a few weeks to go (only an interview with LA producer Miles Grayson, a series-of-unfortunate-events at a P-Funk show in Temecula, and a meeting with musician Larry Samson remained on the schedule.)

We had driven from San Clemente to Carmel-by-the-Sea and back, in a search of California musicians and historians who would hopefully share their thoughts on what comprised (or still comprises) the sound of Southern California. An elusive question probably not meant to be answered literally… or at all — rather, really more of a reason to get the three of us out on the road, to make a project, and to hear some great music. We were awarded with some incredible experiences, conversations and ideas, new friendships and some beautiful photography and footage thanks to Mike.

We met with Ron Roman (Musician/Producer, who recorded his first single at the age of 15 with Frank Zappa); Will Glover of classic Long Beach surf band, “The Pyramids” whose record we randomly came across on Steve Prope’s Radio Show, and who we later met in person on a day he visited San Clemente; Gary Coleman, a percussionist with ‘The Wrecking Crew’ from 1960s Los Angeles, and father to Lisa Coleman, of Wendy & Lisa fame).

So, Mike… Thanks for such a rich 2012. Enjoy this audio-verite e-card of Robert and I doing our ‘research’ and coming across new musical names and places to connect together… Hope it conveys some of the fun the three of us had over the last several months of this project. It’s best listened to between the hours of 2am and 5am.

And thank you Leslie Michel (@torchstar) and Ginger Coyote (@gingercoyote) for adding a nice “Joe Frank” element to our recorded evening. And thank you Overton Loyd (@overtonloyd) for the phone-therapy you provided Robert and I over the last six months.

Tracks are as follows:

  • Kim Fowley, “The Top” (Sunset Boulevard); PVC Records, 1978 (PVC 7906)
  • Wilton Felder, “Let’s Dance Together” (We All Have A Star); ABC Records, 1978 (AA-1109)
  • Danny Davis, “Beauty and the Beast” (45); Liberty Records (F-55213)
  • Sea Level, “Shake a Leg” (Sea Level), Capricorn Records
  • Sea Level, “Grand Larceny” (LP) (various speeds played/replayed)
  • Sea Level, “Nothin Matters But the Fever”
  • Sea Level, “Scarborough Fair”
  • Bobbie Dee, “Harper Valley PTA” (45); Megatone #706
  • ??? (missing info on track)
  • The Candy Johnson Show, “Houndog” (45); Canjo Records, 1964 (C-102-A)
  • Big Jay McNeely, “The Squat” ft Leon Haywood. (45); Swingin’ (45-637)
  • Les Baxter’s Balladeers, “???” Link Records, dist by GNP Crescendo
  • Joe Lombardi, “Taboo” (45); Cotillion Records
  • Machito “Chug-a-lug Cha Cha Cha” (45); Tiko Records Tiko #382
  • Mike Ike and the Awesome Foursome “Funky Breakdown”, Partytime Records 1984, PT-07
  • Mike Ike and the Awesome Foursome “Bonus Breakdown”, Partytime Records 1984, PT-07
  • Jean Terrell, “Don’t Stop Reaching for the Top” (I Had To Fall In Love); A&M Records, 1978 SP-4676
  • (A long segment of a needle on the turntable – shortened from 45 minutes to 1 minute)
  • Boz Scaggs, “Harbor Lights” (Silk Degrees); Columbia, 1976
  • Gerry Rafferty, “Baker Street” (City To City); United Artists Records, 1978
  • Wilbert Longmire, “???” (Champagne); Tappan Zee Records,  1979 JC 35754
  • People Under The Stairs, “Ambien Hallway” (Highlighter); Piecelock 70, 2011 PL7002LP
  • Dennis Wilson, “Dreamer” (Pacific Ocean Blue); Caribou Records, 1977 PZ 34354
  • Dennis Wilson, “Thoughts of You” (Pacific Ocean Blue); Caribou Records, 1977 PZ 34354
  • Cannonball Adderly and Nat Adderly Sextet, “Capricorn”, “Introduction” and “Taurus” (Soul Zodiac); Capitol Records, 1972 SVBB-11025
  • Irv Teibel, “Night in the Country” (Environments; The Magic of Psychoacoustic Sound – Disc 10); Syntonic Research 1978 SD 66010
  • (Voicemail of Lula Perla and Ginger Coyote)
  • Alan Watts, (Dhyana, The Art of Meditation Volume 1 and 2); Ascension Records, 1972
  • Donald Fagen, “The Nightfly” (The Nightfly); Warner Bros. Records, 1982 BAN 923696
  • Joe Jackson, “Into the Night” (Night and Day);  A&M Records, 1982 SP-4906
  • (An improvisational MPC session live-sampling the “Bonus Breakdown” 45, and sped up to sync with a “Laughing Meditation” by Alan Watts)
  • (Partial audio clip from “Swamp Fever” by John Cameron, as used in the adult film “Fantasy” [1979])
  • (Audio:  Door/Windows shut)

This track number is TIS-1971-AV-001
(The first in a series of Audio Verité recordings from the San Clemente studio)

Session Discovery Notes/Acknowledgements:

I had forgotten how great Kim Fowley’s “The Top” was/is;  I want to meet Kim Fowley one day; The Wilton Felder and Sea Level songs are flagged for prime sampling (consider it your invitation); Robert and I had a great time breaking down the Sea Level album looking for sample-worthy sounds; Sea Level’s second album, “Cats On The Coast” was sampled, but not the first; “Cats On The Coast” was sampled by Guru and The Concept of Alps; The Dennis Wilson LP that Robert gave me was scratched; Robert makes me laugh; I discovered  @gingercoyote is on Twitter; Leslie Michel has been a great addition to the virtual “Vinyl Shuffle” family over the last several years, always contributing great links of art/music history;  Must get @torchstar down to SoCal, or visit NorCal; The Alan Watts album was produced by Gary Usher, a name that kept coming up while working on our film… interesting; Must invite more instagram friends, @bang2000xl @mayerinated @davehate, and old friends/mentors like @denkym and @djseano down to San Clemente for random sessions/recordings/digging; Mike still has another few months to help us with editing; and… I still don’t understand why @jackpendarvis does not like Steely Dan or Donald Fagen; at least he appreciates J Dilla


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